This one day course has been specifically created for those wanting to groom their own dog at home

You can bring your pet to us for the day and learn how to create one specific style you like and gain the skills you need to work on your own pets coat type. This will save you a lifetime of cost taking your pet to the groomers and give you fond bonding time with your favourite pooch.

£195 Per Person


Student grooming a dog

Certificate in Hand Stripping (1 Day Course)

Hand stripping involves pulling out the dead outer coat (particularly popular in wired-haired breeds). The skill is performed by hand rather than cutting the hair with clippers or scissors. This allows a new coat to grow in, revealing a soft undercoat and makes a beautiful finish. It does not hurt the dog when performed correctly. Many groomers do not offer this service as it is time-consuming and very labour intensive. This 1 day course will give you hands on skills practice of hand stripping, perfect for an owner wishing to hand strip their own dog correctly or a student looking to gain a strong basis of the skills needed to hand strip dogs as part of a career in dog grooming.

£195 Per Person

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